Tutor.com services through FCPSRecently, PTA/PTSA/PTO leaders from the Dranesville district met with the FCPS manager for tutoring services about Tutor.com. We were impressed by everything that was included–it was more than we expected! For example, we learned that students are able to get personal help whenever they need it 24/7, even in Spanish from bilingual tutors for students still learning English. We also found out that students can work through Java/Python code together with a tutor, and get in-depth feedback on college and scholarship application essays. For those of you with soon-to-be college students, students also have access to all of the Princeton Review’s SAT/ACT coursework with unlimited tutoring at no additional cost!


If you haven’t already, we’d encourage you to take just a few minutes to connect with a tutor with your child. More info about Tutor.com in FCPS is available here.